Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How cute

Guess the partying all night and walking all day can make you tired.

Dirk. The guy who is presenting the award at the ema.

I told you so.


1 km cutting

It used 2 be 4 a railway, but they shut it down 4 some reason


Walking in the mud

When we where in the castle last night there was no signal, so the last 8 or 9 submissions might be in the wrong order since the phone post whenever it can. Low battery!

The grand hall

We had no idea what we where doing today, and I was kinda sad because we walked to the castle earlier, but we never went inside or anything. Now I see what the suprise was.

Ready 2 leave.

Me and Sean woke up at 9, we where suppose 2 get up at 7, but luckly it was ok. Feel fresh. Guess its the last walking day, so I am hitting it hard.

Dirks victory speech

John beatboxing

The band